post @ 2023-04-05

ChatGPT is excellent for learning how to do new things the wrong way. I’ve been using it to learn enough Tensorflow to classify radio signals!

I’ve also found it to be an endless source of entertainment. Is your favorite show cancelled? No problem! ChatGPT can write new and original scripts!

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post @ 2023-02-07

A great success!

Previous: Wendy the Feral

It turns out that Wendy wanted to be friendly. She’s now a housecat and is almost ready for adoption. She enjoys pets, play, food, and lording over us. She’s still a little skittish but we’re working on that. She LOVES other cats!

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post @ 2022-12-18

The modified zombie synthesizer

I found an old synthesizer in my father’s cellar. Unfortunately it had been flood damaged. It’s been sitting down there in terrible condition for a decade or so. I figured it was dead.

It was found floating in muddy water. Can you tell?

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post @ 2022-12-10

The story of Wendy

(Or how to trap and care for a feral cat)

I received a phone call saying someone had dumped a cat and kittens out of a car near a nearby highway onramp. Upon arriving at the scene I could not locate any cats, but a bystander had seen a cat and pointed me in the right direction.

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post @ 2022-12-04

The Beginning

My father plays keyboards but he learned on an organ. He’s always lamented the fact that his modern synthesizers have no floor pedals like an organ does. They exist but are very expensive and rare.

When I found a broken down old Wurlitzer on the side of the road a plan began to form.

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